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Abdominal wall reconstruction is a highly complex procedure, which is why you need the expertise of the leading colon and rectal surgeon in Fort Worth, Texas. Farshid Araghizadeh, MD, MBA, offers abdominal wall reconstruction to repair even the most complex hernias including parastomal hernias. Dr. Araghizadeh uses specialized techniques designed to give you optimal and durable results. Book your appointment by calling the office or using the online scheduler now.

Abdominal Wall Reconstruction Q & A

What is abdominal wall reconstruction?

Abdominal wall reconstruction is a surgery to correct:

  • Recurrent hernias
  • Post-surgical hernias
  • Wounds following hernia repair
  • Post-surgical infections
  • Parastomal Hernias

In an abdominal wall reconstruction, Dr. Araghizadeh re-creates your abdominal wall to restore normal structure and function. 

What happens during abdominal wall reconstruction surgery?

Dr. Araghizadeh performs abdominal wall reconstruction surgery under general anesthesia, so you'll sleep through the procedure. 

Dr. Araghizadeh typically creates one incision in your lower abdominal area to get access to the damaged tissues. He then separates the abdominal wall layers to reconstruct them, moving them into their optimal, natural position. Dr. Araghizadeh may use a surgical mesh for reinforcement if required. 

In some cases, Dr. Araghizadeh might perform some types of abdominal wall reconstruction using minimally invasive and robotic techniques. The exact surgical approach depends on your specific situation and needs. 

How do I get ready for abdominal wall reconstruction?

Dr. Araghizadeh provides you with surgery preparation instructions ahead of your procedure. These instructions vary depending on the exact type and complexity of the operation.

Generally, you'll fast starting the night before your procedure. Dr. Araghizadeh typically advises patients to stop smoking as far in advance of surgery as possible, as smoking can delay your healing. 

You might also need to stop taking certain medications before your abdominal wall reconstruction. Some kinds of medication may cause blood-clotting issues, which may cause serious surgical complications. Dr. Araghizadeh reviews all your current medications before the procedure. 

How is recovery from abdominal wall reconstruction?

The recovery depends on the extent of your surgery, but in most cases, abdominal wall reconstruction is an inpatient procedure performed in a hospital. Usually, you'll stay in the hospital for a few days after the surgery. 

Dr. Araghizadeh recommends a specific recovery timeline, but you can generally expect anywhere from two weeks to a month of downtime after the procedure. Dr. Araghizadeh lets you know when you can resume exercise involving your abdomen.

You can trust Dr. Araghizadeh for even the most complex abdominal wall reconstruction. Book your appointment online, or call the office of Farshid Araghizadeh, MD, MBA, today.